The Book of Here and There, by Stuart Nisbet

We would like to bring to the attention to our members and friends that Stuart Nisbet, a member and  Past President of the Forum, has recently turned his talents to writing historical fiction. His  recently published novel, ‘The Book of Here and There’ is based on Stuart’s extensive research into Renfrewshire slave plantation owners in the early 18th century, particularly William McDowall of Castle Semple. Although the novel is set in the twenty first century, its main theme is African slavery through the life of a slave.

Hamish, a young structural engineer from Glasgow, who has a love of old buildings, and Jenny, a young girl from Bristol who is an expert in reading old documents and has a personal interest slavery, are thrown together by Murdo, an eccentric old man in Glasgow. Murdo has an obsessive interest in Glasgow’s old buildings and in William McDowall of Castle Semple. By various means and clues he entices Hamish and Jenny into an exciting period of research into William McDowall and Cato, his black African slave.

In addition to exploring slavery from a slave’s perspective, this excellent book has the merits of both a well-structured detective novel and a well-researched history novel, skilfully interwoven. For anyone interested in 18th century slavery, Glasgow’s heritage, or just looking for a good novel, ‘The Book of Here and There’ would be a good choice. The novel has received a very positive review by Professor Emeritus, Sir Tom Devine.

The Book of Here andThere

( Available on Amazon (paperback  £9.99)  and in Bookshops)