Field Trip – Derek Alexander – Saturday, 11th April, 2015 Lurg Moor Roman Fortlet

Total Station Survey Computer Data

Total Station Survey Computer Data

Lurg Moor Roman Fortlet is situated on moorland above Port Glasgow and is part of the western flank of the Antonine frontier. It probably housed a cavalry patrol and is the only visible Roman remains in Renfrewshire.

After a long uphill climb and negotiating a few barbed wire fences we arrived at the sight of Lurg Moor Roman Fortlet. Evidence of the turf rampart and ditch round the fortlet and the entrance causeway were clearly visible on the ground, but there was no evidence on the ground of the wooden barracks and stables built within the fortlet.

The weather was disappointing, very cold, with a few blinks of sunshine, and with strong winds blowing across the site from the west – but we carried on regardless! Out of interest Derek gave us instruction on the use of a Plane Table.  We then conducted a Total Station Survey of the site.

Plane Table with Total Station in background

Instructions in use of Plane Table

Total Station Survey at Lurg Moor, 2015

Derek at work on Total Station Survey






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